We have created a series of worksheets that will help you master tricky grammar topics (confusing or frequently-misspelled words, punctuation, dangling modifiers, redundant words and phrases, and much more). These printables were created for people with native (or near-native) proficiency of English, but you can try them even if your English isn't quite at that level yet.

Remember that these PDFs are different from our online exercises, so make sure to check those out as well!

Adjective phrases 1
Adjective phrases 2
Apostrophes 1
Apostrophes 2
Capitalization 1
Capitalization 2
Capitalization 3
Capitalization 4
Complete sentence or fragment? 1
Complete sentence or fragment? 2
Complete or fused (run-on) sentence? 1
Complete or fused (run-on) sentence? 2
Conjunctive adverbs 1
Conjunctive adverbs 2
Conjunctive adverbs 3
Correct comma usage 1
Correct comma usage 2
Correct comma usage 3
Dangling modifiers 1
Dangling modifiers 2
Dangling modifiers 3
Identify the adjective 1
Identify the direct object 1
Identify the direct object 2
Identify the verb 1
Identify the verb 2
Irregular verbs 1
Irregular verbs 2
Irregular verbs 3
Irregular verbs 4
IT'S or ITS? 1
Identify noun clauses 1
Identify noun clauses 2
Parallel sentence structure 1
Parallel sentence structure 2
Participle phrases 1
Participle phrases 2
Punctuating direct (quoted) speech 1
Punctuating direct (quoted) speech 2
Punctuation 1
Punctuation 2
Punctuation 3
Punctuation 4
Subject-verb agreement 1
Subject-verb agreement 2
Subject-verb agreement 3
Their, they're, or there? 1
Their, they're, or there? 2
Verb tense consistency 1
Verb tense consistency 2
Your or you're? 1


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